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Our Industry Proven Packaging Lines are tailored fit to your specific industry needs. Our complete packaging lines come with everything you need to get your packaging line up and running. At NPACK we manufacture all of our packaging lines in China. Do not wait, start your project today!


Plenigaj Maŝinoj Por Kemiaj

NPACK manufactures complete packaging lines for the chemical industry that are capable of filing fertilizer, pesticide, fuel and much more ...
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Plenigaj Maŝinoj Por Manĝaĵo

Our complete filling lines for the food industry are designed to fill anything from sauces and jelly to salad and salsa ...
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Plenigaj Maŝinoj Por Hejma Produkto

Our complete household product filling lines are designed to fill anything from hand soap and corrosive cleaning products to glass ...
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Plenigaj Maŝinoj Por Persona Prizorga Produkto

Our complete personal care filling lines are designed to fill anything from shampoo and hair gel to nail polish and ...
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Plenigaj Maŝinoj Por Farmacia kaj Biomedika

Our complete pharmaceutical and biomedical filling lines are designed to fill anything from peroxide and e-liquid to liquid vitamins and ...
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